About Us

Welcome to Bits & Pieces. No, wait, please don’t leave, I know what you’re thinking “Not another games site. Aren’t there like a billion of them by now?”. And well, yes there are. We aim to be different enough though that we’re worth your time.

So, what exactly are we? Well, we are a small team, there are only three of us and each has a life outside this site, doing whatever it is we do (secret, cool stuff). And as for what you’ll see here at Bits & Pieces, it’ll be exactly that – bits and pieces.

We write about what makes games worth playing, what parts are a waste of space, why you should play this ageing game you’ve never heard of. Why you don’t need to spend 50 flurbos on the latest AAA hype-fest or perhaps, just something we think is interesting.

You will rarely see any news from us, there are enough sites out there that perpetuate the marketing cycle and we don’t want to be a part of that. Sure, you’ll see impressions or previews for a game one of us is really looking forward to but that’ll probably be about it. However, since we are human, we also reserve the right to change our minds. 🙂

If any of that sounds good, then come chat with us on Twitter, check out our Instagram, like us on Facebook or leave a lovely comment. Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay.