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Well This Is Awkward

A contraceptive odyssey.

I’m staring at a shelf of condoms in the convenience store.  This is fine, nothing out of the ordinary people buy condoms all the time. I reach for the least exciting looking box. If i do have to carry them through the shop, might as well have the plainest looking ones right? Crap! I don’t know what size I need. I didn’t ask. Do I text him?

This is the youthful awkwardness that Emma Kidwell’s coming of age game manages to capture. The short text adventure, made using Twine, puts you in the shoes of a woman, who, whilst in the midst of an amorous encounter, discovers that neither her or her partner have contraception. As a result, you must venture out to buy some condoms. The game is sweet and might save some teen from feeling embarrassed the first time they set off on a quest to buy condoms.


With the likelihood that President-Elect Trump will try to de-fund sexual health and education initiatives like Planned Parenthood, the world needs more games like this. Even here in the UK, sex education still has a long way to go. Games like this are approachable and a great way to educate young people.

You can try it out here

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