Bits & Pieces Podcast #2 – Nier, Hitman, Civ, Mini Metro, Ethnos, Fury of Dracula

Welcome back. Let us caress your ears with soft, supple words about some games we played.

Hello again! I can’t believe you came back a second time – are you feeling alright? Do you need me to call someone?

Nevi and George are joined by another Bits & Pieces man in the form of Gavin. This week the boys are talking about what they bought in the Steam Sale. Nevi has been a good boy this year and didn’t buy a single thing (although his wishlist is now bursting at the seams). Gav tells us about Nier Automata and One Shot and George goes into what makes the latest Hitman game so much fun. We cap this section off with a chat about Civilization VI and why Nevi feels like he is done with the series.

Moving swiftly onwards, George has been playing Mini Metro (which must have had something do with a very cool article written by a certain someone). Honestly though, Mini Metro is great you should play it. Unfortunately, Nevi discovered that King Arthur 2 is not so great and he explains exactly why this is the case.

Finally, we have a fun board games discussion. After getting some games of Ethnos in, Nevi gives his impressions on that. George, on the other hand, has been chasing some poor pale chap around Europe in Fury of Dracula as well as becoming a gem baron in Splendor.

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