Tales from the Hunt #1 – A Monster Hunter World Podcast

Calling all monster hunters!

Greetings Hunter. This is the first in a Monster Hunter World podcast series. We are doing to go into detail about our hunts, the weapons we’ve used and the monsters we’ve fought.

In this first episode, we talk a bit about how we first came to the Monster Hunter series and where we currently are in Monster Hunter. We also chat about our weapons and armour as well as what skills we are finding most useful.

It is worth mentioning that these podcasts will have mild spoilers throughout. If you haven’t finished the game yet, you might want to come back later.

The plan, best laid and all, for each episode is to discuss one monster, one weapon and some tales from our hunts along the way.

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There will be another episode of Tales from the Hunt coming soon. However, if you can’t wait that long, then check out episode 11 of our regular podcast for more Monster Hunter World.

If you haven’t taken the Monster Hunter World plunge yet, and want to, then you can buy it through our Amazon Affiliate links to help support the site – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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