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Post Human W.A.R Guide – 20+ tips to get you going

Or how to be a better robot washing machine.

With so many unit interactions and combinations, Post Human W.A.R. can take a bit of getting used to. Our tips should help starting with:


1. Keep some in reserve

You use resources to create your army. Any resources not spent on making your army can be used during the battle for resource powers. Each faction’s power has a different name but they do the same thing. These powers are:

  • Recover Health – use 10 resources to heal 10 health.
  • Do More Damage – use 10 resources to add 10 damage to your next attack.
  • Move Further – use 10 resources to add 1 movement point for your next move.
  • Create an Obstacle – use 10 resources to create a 40 health obstacle on an adjacent tile.

Resources win games. You want to build a decent army, but you also want to be aware of how many resources you are using. Too many and your opponent will have a resource advantage, not enough and they will have a unit advantage. It is always worth keeping a few resources leftover so that you can use a power at an opportune moment.

2. Recycle Units

You can also gain resources by recycling units. This destroys the unit and recovers 80% of its resource cost times its current health. This means that the more damaged a unit is, the fewer resources it will be worth when recycling. If you think that there is nothing that you can do to save a unit, then it can be worth recycling them for their resources. However, make sure that by doing so you do not leave other units vulnerable.

3. Pick up extra resources

You can find resource crates on the map. You will want to collect as many of these as possible. Send a fast, scout unit to collect them. They can pick up the resource box and rejoin the fight far quicker than other units. In certain maps, you might want to use flying units for this purpose instead.

4. Do you want to go first?

The player who has spent the most resources on their army will play first. If there is a tie, then the player with the fewest Territories (gained through winning online matches) will start.

Defend your territory.


5. Invading can win you the game

When you enter enemy territory, your units increase in strength. This means that if you have enemies near your totem, they will do more damage. Destroying a totem causes all units of that player to take 15 direct damage each turn. You want to make sure to defend your territory as much as your champion. If you lose your totem, then you are on a ticking clock to losing the game. Avoid this at all costs.

Line of Sight

6. What is line of sight?

You cannot draw a line of sight if something blocks your way. This might be a unit or an obstacle. Certain obstacles will be low enough for ranged units to shoot through, but they will still prevent non-flying units from progressing forwards.

7. Murder holes are great sniper positions

Certain obstacles, known as murder holes, allow cover and for a ranged unit to shoot through. They do not give cover if you are in an adjoining hex as the murder hole can work both ways. This makes them an excellent place to plant a long distance ranged attacker.

8. Don’t forget you can always destroy obstacles

You can break certain obstacles to create a line of sight. Any breakable obstacles will have an amount of health shown when you hover over them. You might want to spend a turn breaking through an obstacle so that you can gain an advantage over your opponent.

9. Your own units can be used to block line of sight

You can shoot through your own units without friendly fire. This means that you can position your ranged units behind a heavy unit that has a lot of health or defence. This will protect your weaker units and still allow them to attack.

The T.U.B.O.Rs are both in good cover.

Unit Information

10. Don’t forget to check your enemies stats

Right clicking on any unit (enemy included) shows its stats as well as their movement and attack range. The inner area shows their current attack range and the outer one shows their attack range after moving. This way, you can see the potential reach of a range unit on its next turn. This does not account for using resources to move extra hexes. Make sure that you take advantage of this information when you are positioning your own units as it can mean the difference between losing a unit or taking one of your enemies.

General Abilities

Every faction has units with the following abilities:

11. Flying – Fast resource collection

Can fly over enemy units and obstacles. Only ranged and other flying units can hit them.

Flying units have excellent mobility. This means that they can be great for flanking ranged units or collecting resources.

12. Dodging – Ranged opponent hunter

Dodges all ranged attacks except for attacks with an area effect. Dodging units are excellent for rushing ranged units. They can deal decent damage but often have less health or defence than other units. This means that you want to avoid confronting other melee units if possible. Instead, their focus should be on shutting down your opponents ranged attackers.

13. Double Attack – Protect the glass cannon

Double attack means that a unit can attack, move, and then attack again. This can work excellently when fighting grouped enemies. Double attack units can deal exceptional damage, so you need to make sure to protect them as they will be one your opponent’s primary targets.

Make sure that your team can take advantage of Donor Beetle.

Faction Specific Abilities

These abilities are exclusive to their specific units:

14. Donor Beetle – Health Transfer

Heals a unit to full health and inflicts damage equal to that amount to the Donor Beetle.

The Donor Beetle is a fantastic way to heal your units. However, remember that it can also deal damage. However, it will need to choose between healing and dealing damage.

15. The Massiah – Devastation

Attacks all units in every surrounding hex. Devastation is a great attack for grouped enemies. However, it is far less effective if your enemy has decided to scatter their units. While The Massiah has a lot of health, it lacks any defence. You want to try and make the most of its powerful ability and not risk damaging it to attack a single unit.

16. Fakeer to Peer – Absorption Link

Creates a link with an allied unit until the end of the next turn. Damage inflicted to the linked unit will instead be dealt be directly to Fakeer to Peer. Fakeer to Peer is also a ranged attacking unit. This means that it can use its ability while staying clear of the action itself. With it in your army, you can recklessly throw a high attack unit into battle and have it survive for several turns. Absorption Link is also fantastic when used on a revealed champion as it gives it an extra 135 health.

17. Garbage Cannon – Mortar

Can aim through obstacles and units. Garbage Cannon can deal heavy damage to a large area. It is excellent for clearing out groups of enemies and forcing them to scatter. This unit can also break through obstacles to allow easier movement of other units.

18. K.N.I.F.E – Repair

Heals an allied unit by 20 points of damage. K.N.I.F.E is a cheap way to keep your units in good health. You will want to defend it as much as possible as it will be a prime target for your enemy. It cannot attack, so should be healing every turn.

19. T.E.S.L.A – Discharge

Attack deals damage to everything in a single line. Can attack through destructible obstacles and enemy units. Everything hit by Discharge takes damage.

T.E.S.L.A is great for dealing damage to units behind cover. It is great for destroying obstacles and enemies alike. T.E.S.L.A also has a decent defence, so it can hard to destroy. This makes it a good front line soldier that can hit any unit.

If you like an army setup, then save it as a preset.

Army Composition

There are lots of diverse ways to build your army. So much so that there is not any one ‘perfect’ solution. However, there are some things that you need to consider when selecting units.

20. What counters this army?

When you are picking units, you want to think about how an opponent might counter. If you have an over-reliance on ranged units, then what are you going to do against a unit with dodge? If you focus on ground units, then how are you going to damage flying units? You do not need to pick a balanced team that equally splits its focus between each unit type, but you will want to make sure that you have a way to defeat any opponent. You will need to experiment, but do not rely too heavily on one specific type of unit otherwise, you will struggle against certain matchups.

21. Should I use special units?

Special units can be a fantastic asset to your army. However, they can also be expensive. This means that you will want to use them sparingly. You might even want to disregard them all together. This is especially true if you don’t know how to take full advantage of that certain unit. For example, if your Garbage Cannon is too far away it can’t hit anything. You need to know where to place it and when to make full use of this powerful unit. If you are struggling to use it, then you will have wasted your resources.

22. What is your win condition?

The game’s win condition is to take out the enemy champion, but what is yours? This might seem confusing, but you need to figure out how you are going to win. Are you going to use ranged units to whittle away at your enemy while they hide behind heavier troops? Are you going to rush their territory and destroy their totem? When you are building an army, each unit needs to have a purpose. Some have obvious purposes such as K.N.I.F.E whose sole job is to repair your damaged units. However, others are not so cut and dry. You only have a limited number of resources, so don’t waste them on units that are without purpose. If you plan to have flying units flank your enemy and attack the totem, then that is your battle plan. This plan can alter and shift as the fight goes on, but you need to start with an idea of how you are going to win.


23. How to pick your champion

Your champion can be any of your units. You need to find your enemy champion and protect your own. This means that you need to select your champion carefully. You should know how you are going to use your champion and the reason you have selected that unit. Is it going to be your scout that is going to spend the first few turns collecting resource boxes, so that your opponent is more focused on your main army? Or will you pick a high health, high damage unit that you want to reveal early to deal lots of damage? Never aimlessly pick your champion. Always have a game plan.

24. When to reveal your champion

At any point during a match, you can decide to reveal your champion. This will give it a large boost to every stat, but it lets your enemy known what they need to kill to win. You should reveal your champion if it about to die as the additional health can help keep it alive. You should also reveal it if you need to deal extra damage to a unit as the extra attack will help.

This article was originally posted on Old Grizzled Gamers. Unfortunately, that website has gone the way of the dinosaurs, so I’ve reposted it here.

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