Bits & Pieces Podcast #14 – E3 Extravaganza!

While Nevi is away, the boys choose not to play but watch E3 instead.

George and Gav ruminate on the highlights of this year’s E3. There was a lot to cover and what was meant to be an hour of efficient electronic entertainment exhibition exposition turned out to be 2 hours of extended electronic entertainment exhibition extrapolation.

There’s a new Star Wars game by Respawn

Will Fallout:76 be ruined by griefers?

How faithfully will Forza Horizons recreate the M25 as the racer moves to the UK?

Missing the opportunity for a joke about being able to kiss people in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Love Island.

Smash Brothers now features every brother that ever smashed.

All that and more, as the boys grapple with the amorphous blob of video games news that oozed out of E3.


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