Bits & Pieces Podcast #15 – Bone Guy

And then, they were three once more.

Hello! It’s time for another Bits & Pieces podcast. This time we have episode number 15 for your listening pleasure.

In this episode, George shares his reforged love of the Brothers in Arms franchise. After that, we Gav tries his darndest to tell us about Slap City, but we go down a rabbit hole of PlayStation All-Stars and other old PlayStation games.

George shares a board game that we picked up at the UK Games Expo called Roll Quest. Thanks again to the guys over at Hercules Game Studios for giving us their demo copy. George still has the Miniature Heroes chocolate box you gave him the game in displayed proudly on his shelf.

To cap off this episode Nevi teases everybody’s brain with a Nier: Automata quiz that slowly descends into madness.


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