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Bits & Pieces Podcast #18 – Beltology

The videogame love affair with the belt

The Bits & Pieces podcast now has enough episodes that it would be old enough to drink, if we lived in a strange universe where your age is defined by how many podcasts you’ve put out. If you like our podcasts, give us a follow on Soundcloud and iTunes.

We discuss Cyberpunk, Dead Cells, and have a conference on MGSV, which devolves into general bemusement at plant people, vocal parasites and metallic archaea.

In a staggering development, Bits & Pieces hosts the world’s first international symposium on the subject of beltology, in the form of a quiz about JRPG characters. It gets a little heated, relationships and straps get strained.

What’s your position? Are you a belt maximalist or a philosophically stingy minimalist? Is it a belt or a strap? Which matters more – the function or the aesthetic effect?

As always, thanks for listening. Enjoy your weekend!

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