Bits & Pieces Podcast #23 – Boardgamisode

Come ye, come ye.

Hello and welcome to the wonderful, nay fantastical, boardgamisode.

In this episode, we run through some of the games Nevi played at AireCon 5 such as Solar Storm and The Old Hellfire Club. We also discuss two seminars – From Sketch to Store Shelves and Data Mining BoardGameGeek.

After the AireCon 5 discussion, George tells us about two small box games he’s been playing – Decrypto and High Society. And then, Gav shares a story about a time he played DnD.

Once all the chat is over, we play a few rounds of Billionaire Banshee. Feel free to play along, guess whether we’d date these people or maybe you want a date yourself?

Thanks for listening.

You can check out our written piece rounding up AireCon 5 or my video review of Hannibal & Hamilcar.

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