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UKGE 2019: What We’re Excited For

Two Boys Walk into A Convention...

Blood on the Clocktower

George – This game marks the second substantial project I’ve back on Kickstarter after supporting Airflix off that back of playing it at last years UK Games Expo. I love social deduction games and Blood on the Clocktower seems like a proper experience to enjoy over an evening. Two Rooms and A Boom offers a similar big social experience and part of the reason I love it so much is tinkering with what roles to include in each play, curating the game to create some really funky experiences. The role of the Storyteller in Blood on the Clocktower sounds right up my street and combined with the interesting looking sets of roles, I can’t wait to have a go at actually running a game. The Kickstarter isn’t set to arrive until next year, however, so I’m hoping that the single demo copy in the UK makes its way to the UKGE and I’ll be able to have a proper go at the game.

Nevi – My only exposure to Blood on the Clocktower was Shut Up and Sit Down’s glowing review. So by that account, it sounds like the perfect expo game and hopefully, we’ll get to give it a bash. If not, then at the very least we’ll play Resistance in a spooky voice – almost as the same, right?

Star Wars: The Outer Rim

George – I’m a sucker for Star Wars and the pitch for this game is that you’re a smuggler doing some of that good time crime across the fringes of the galaxy. I’ve played The Firefly Board Game a few times and there’s a simple joy to gearing up your ship and running jobs, however, the lack of player interaction often means you’re basically enjoying a [Han] solo experience until the very end when you realise someone might be about to win. I’m interested to see how The Outer Rim handles this problem and whether it can fulfil everyone’s daydreams of being Han Solo IG 88B.

Nevi – George is Mr Star Wars over here at Bits & Pieces. I have a passing interest having played through 2 campaigns of Imperial Assault (of which an article about playing the Dark Side is incoming at some point). However, when it comes to The Outer Rim I know very little so I’m intrigued to find out more.

George – You wanna buy some deathsticks?


George – After 35 years, Gale Force Nine are reprinting The Dune Board Game, a cult classic I have heard whispers about for years. I adore the Dune setting and while I have FFG’s re-skin of the game REX: Final Days of an Empire gathering dust on my shelf, I’m keen to try the original with its spicey theme. I don’t have any word on whether a demo copy will be ready for the UKGE but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Nevi – Right, George you need to stop adding games on here that I know nothing about. You’re making me look bad.

George – Or am I making me look good? Think about it.

Nevi – I didn’t want to do this but you’ve pushed me to the edge. DUNE know what you’ve made me do? These are going to WORM their way inside you and even after a good DUST-ing you’ll never shake them.

George – None of those work…

Nevi – Yeah, I know but it was the best I had on short notice… So the Dune board game looks good, right?

George – Yes.

The Menace Among Us

George – I really appreciate the publisher Smirk & Dagger and their commitment to breaking up friendships. The two games in my collection that cause the most glee when screwing someone over are Cutthroat Caverns and Dead Last – both by Smirk & Dagger. Their upcoming game The Menace Among Us is their spin on the classic formula of a hidden traitor on a faulty space ship. If it can leverage the fun of mistrust, Machiavellianism and murder as well as their previous games, then The Menace Among Us should offer a welcome addition to the hidden role genre.

Nevi – I trust your instincts on this one.

George – Trusting me was your first mistake.

Star Realms Tournament

Nevi – On Saturday I’m embarking on a duel across the stars as I battle many realms in – you guessed it, the Pandemic tournament. Ha got you silly, it’s the Star Realms tournament. When the prize up for grabs is to have your face in the game, you can hardly blame me for wanting to take part. Star Realms is one of the few games that I can happily play for hours without getting bored. Each game is so fast and satisfying that even a loss is exciting.

George – I’ll make a banner to help cheer you on.

Nevi – Oh, George you don’t have to do that. But I’d like it if you did. You know you can’t go back on this once you’ve said it, right?

George – I know. I also know that you are the one typing this section, so I’ve not actually agreed to anything.

Nevi – Pffft, yeah right. Like I’d do that… Sheeeeeesh.

The People

Nevi – I say it every time I go to a convention or leave a convention, I never see people I like enough. Things just get so busy and the time escapes me. Thankfully, conventions exist and I get to play some games with some of my favourite people.

George – You’re my favourite person.

George – Damn it, Nevi stop writing my sections.

Nevi – I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, we’ll see you all at the UK Games Expo. We have stickers!

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