Bits & Pieces Podcast #25 – 2019 UK Games Expo Special

The traditionally late UKGE podcast.

So it’s a little late, but we were faster than last year. At this rate, we’ll release a UKGE podcast on time in just 7 years! Anyway… Once again, Nevi and George went off to Birmingham to try a load of board games and on this episode they’re reporting back on what they played. It’s an episode packed with mild takes on some of 2019’s most real board games. Gav is here too and one day he’ll probably actually play a board game.

In the episode you’ll hear about:

Age of Sigmar Champions,

Undaunted: Normandy


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel: A Board Game of English Magic

One Month Later

On the Underground

Raid on Takao

Imperial Settlers Roll & Write

Smash City

Donning the Purple

The Menace Among Us

Blood on the Clocktower

For more of our board game coverage why not check out Nevi’s account of his experiences at the UKGE Star Realms tournament or review of New Corp Order. If you liked anything we talked about or just want to support the site, then please use our Amazon Affiliate link.

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