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Neuroshima Hex: Mississippi – Faction Expansion – Poison poisson

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, everyone's dead Mississippi.

In the brutal world of Neuroshima Hex, the Mississippi River is full of toxic sewage. And from it comes the Mississippi faction, using those same toxins to their advantage. If you play as Mississippi, then you are going to be all about poisoning your opponent and leaving their base riddled with your devastating plague-ridden attacks.

Just like all the other faction expansions, the Mississippi expansion is a set of hexes for that given faction. This allows you to further customise your play experience and when it comes to Neuroshima Hex, more is always better. And just like all the other factions in the game, Mississippi is very distinct.

As the Mississippi, you want to poison your enemy base as quickly and often as possible. This means that whenever a battle occurs, the base will automatically take damage before any of your other units have a chance to get their extra swipes in. It also means that your foe will need to carefully consider when and how often they trigger a battle as doing so will often damage them in the process. This means that the puzzle of Mississippi is on both sides of the battlefield and it makes them one of the most fun factions to play and fight against.

While the toxins of Mississippi can be deadly, the rest of their units are quite frail. They have no armoured units and if they lose some of their key players early on or to clever manoeuvres, then they will struggle to recover. Having said that, they do have some highly flexible units and others that can attack from anywhere on the board. This means that dishing out that much-needed damage can be a tricky proposition, especially when you consider that starting a battle will probably hurt your HQ due to the poison.

In a two-player game, used by a smart player, Mississippi is extremely strong. Their units, base and other toys all work together in unity, like a well oiled toxic pit. This means that they can outclass other factions and if they get those early toxic attacks in on your base, a game can be almost decided with the first few turns. While they don’t necessarily go into the realm of being overpowered, definitely not in 3+ player games, they are a very mean faction. For large chunks of the game, they don’t need to deal damage to your base or put out many units and can instead just sit back and start a few battles and watch your HQ fall apart.

And that is all without mentioning their HQ ability. Each turn, it can push an enemy unit away from it like it using the push ability tile. This is crazy powerful and can really, really damage a faction with limited movement or units. It makes their base hard to hit and means that you can often end up with units pushed to inconvenient places and all other kinds of chaos.

While I love the Mississippi, I can understand other players hating it. It is hard to master but if you can it is a beast. Playing against in a 1v1 environment is punishing but fun and in a large multiplayer setting, its powers cause a lot of enjoyable chaos and mean it needs to spread its focus around the table. However, it doesn’t make it any less fun to play and watching Mississippi face off against other factions is always fun.

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