Bits & Pieces Podcast #26 – 2019 in Review

2020, baby.

And it’s over. I don’t know if you had noticed but 2019 is officially history. The keen eyed among you probably notice these kinds of events but it took us a whole month to realise and get a podcast out.

In this episode we are going to run through some of the highlight games we played in 2019. George finally played Red Dead Redemption 2, so there is a big bit of chat about that game. Nevi also sings the praises of Sekiro and Hollow Knight. While Gav talks about games that I’ve forgotten while writing this. If I remember I will add them at the end, if not then that’s a nice surprise for you isn’t it?

Thank you for listening. If you want more of the things we talk about in this podcast, why not watch my video about Red Dead Redemption 2 or read about Hollow Knight’s amazing map?

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