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Nevi: I’ve got something a little different today. I thought it might be nice to share some places where you can follow me to find out what might get covered soon and what I’m playing and reading.

Goodreads – Books and Audiobooks

GG| – Video Games

Board Game Geek – Board Games (unsurprisingly)

I’m pretty good at keeping the Goodreads up to date with what books I’m reading including non-games ones that won’t get covered on the site. At some point I’d like to run polls so that you get to pick what books (be that Warhammer, Halo, Assassin’s Creed or anything else), video games and boards are covered by Bits & Pieces but that will come a later time.

For now, feel free to add me and a friend/follow me on the above. Keep an eye out for more Bookclubbing articles every Wednesday and video game articles on Friday. I want to bring back board game Mondays but Covid has meant that getting regular games is difficult, so we’ll see what 2021 brings.

George: I’ve liked the idea of keeping a diary of things I’ve read/watched/played for a long time. But this has mostly led to a number of notebooks with a few pages of entries that end up forgotten under a pile of dust under my desk. Over Lockdown 1 however I decided to give Letterboxd a go.

Trying to recollect every film you’ve ever seen is certainly one way to pass the time – I eventually gave up after realising how many films are sort of ok and getting bored of rating so many things 2.5 stars – Numeric rating systems are bad but this isn’t the time. Still, adding new entries and trying to write a few short sentences has been a nice mindful practice after seeing new films. I’m looking forward to looking back on it one day and wondering about my bad film opinions.


Thanks for reading and stay safe

Thanks for reading. Check out my article that questions whether the slowdown in Control has greater meaning. Alternatively, why not read about why I didn’t enjoy the narrative behind Devil May Cry 5.

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