Bits & Pieces March 2021 Stream Round-Up

The board games we've played

Nevi: This year we’ve endeavoured to stream a board game on a weekly basis. While we unfortunately missed a week in March we still managed three streams. We’re working to move all of these streams across to YouTube as well.

Gav: I’m the non-boardgamey one of The Gang, but I had a lot of fun playing these games through March. As a Monster Hunter enthusiast – more on that from us later this week – I particularly enjoyed Primal: The Awakening. Hope to keep up this shiny Wednesday tradition over on Twitch, so come hang out if that sounds like your scene.

Primal: The Awakening

Nevi: I backed this on Kickstarter and was eager to see if I’d wasted my money. After our session though, I was pleasantly surprised. The parts I thought looked interesting were and the ones I was concerned about were not deal breakers. You can head over to our Twitch Channel for some more in depth thoughts while we work on getting this added to our YouTube Channel. Also George managed to eat some bluetac thinking it was a sweet, so it really is a stream for every audience.

Whitehall Mystery

Nevi: George and Gav admirably stuck to the stream slot during a Wednesday that I was busy. I’ve played Whitehall Mystery before and it’s a lot of fun. You can see the boys play it on our YouTube below.

Gav: Whitehall Mystery was enjoyable and pretty easy to pick up after a bit of intro, I’d definitely play it again. Thankfully, George left out the subsequent games of Mr. Jack we played, in which I lost extremely badly.


Nevi: I’ve been wanting to play Inis for aaaaages. I think I was unlucky that we ended up playing it on stream while I was really tired. I’m interested to check this out again the future now that I feel like I understand the rules and how to make the most out of the game. Head over to our Twitch Channel for the full stream while we work on getting it added to our YouTube.

Gav: I’d played this one before with George, and so knew exactly what sort of scheming chieftain he would be. I don’t think it helped in the end, but at least I got to enjoy the lovely artwork again. Insert obligatory Clash of Clans joke.

Thanks for reading. If you want to watch us live as we bungle our way through a board game each week, then come join us on Twitch every Wednesday 7pm-9pm. If you have anything that you’d recommend we check out then leave us a comment below.

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