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Unboxing – Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile

For actual critical analysis, please hold...

Well Oath; Cole Wehrle’s not-a-legacy sorta-strategy board game experience. Problem is I’m not quite sure my family are ready just yet to dive into the weird world of Werhle. Given my experience with his games amounts to two plays of Root and one game of Pax Pamir, I’m certainly not ready to lead them.

In want of anything meaningful to say about this game, I have instead gave in to the desire to fiddle with all the tokens and filmed a little unboxing.

So to my shame, I have become part of the fomo machine. At the very least, the campaign is long over so I don’t feel like I’m prompting people into rash purchases.

Anyway if you want to kill five minutes or simply enjoy the sound of rustling bags and tumbling tokens here it is.

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