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Bits & Pieces’ Hobby Round-Up – May 2021

The T'au grow in numbers

Nevi: Anyone who follows us on Instagram or reads our Bookclubbing articles, might have noticed that over at Bits & Pieces we are enamoured with little monsters that run around our tabletop bonking each other on the head. With that in mind, I hereby commence a new monthly article all about the miniatures we’ve painted, the games we’ve played and anything else hobby related.

Warhammer 40,000

  • Riptide 1
  • Riptide 1
  • Tau - Broadside 1
  • Tau - Broadside 1
  • T'au Gundam Kitbash
  • T'au Gundam Kitbash 2
  • Tau Broadside and Gundam
  • Tau Piranha

Nevi: May was a hugely productive month in terms of 40k. I’ve committed to a 2,000 point tournament in July and decided that I don’t like winning but I do like big robots, so I’m running the T’au. This meant that I needed to build, paint and sort out my collection of unbuilt chaps and stalk eBay for some sweet deals. One such deal was a damaged Riptide that the seller had listed as ‘attacked by my dog’, that I thought I could attempt to revive or at the very least useful for some cool scatter terrain. A few days later, lots of super glue and my patented green paint job, and I now own a Riptide.

George: After finally deciding to actually build a 40k army last year, I’m now working on two and I’ve yet to even play a single game. Having started working on a xenarite force of Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech Priests doing some forbidden dabbling with alien technology), I got distracted by an idea for a Sisters of Battle project. Now with codexes for both dropping in quick succession and the prospect of being able to meet friends for an actual game becoming more tangible, the motivation to paint increased.

Nevi: May also saw me finish up my Broadside (which is my new favourite T’au model) and a lot of drones. And then I got bored and decided to do something I’d been toying with for ages, converted a Gundam model into a counts as T’au Commander. Specifically, I converted a Banshee Gundam into Commander Farsight. And while the scale is a little off as Farsight runs around in an XV8 Crisis Suit rather than the newer larger Coldstar or Enforcer suits, in my mind he deserves the latest tech. I think it looks very cool even though for my next build I will definitely be using more T’au bits to help better meld the Gundam and T’au aesthetics together. And that’s because I’m going to build The Eight using tiny Gundam models as the starting point. And next up is Brightsword using the Burning Gundam as his core.

George: I get distracted a lot when painting, usually by the prospect of starting another model. Highlights and small details take effort but priming and blocking out colour is easy and feels like I’ve made loads of progress. As a result my most of my vampiric Sisters of Battle are half painted. Becoming more aware of this though, I’ve made the effort to simplify and speed paint my last few units to get some momentum going. I knocked out a unit of repentia in about a week and then switching back to Admech got two units of Electro priests and a kitbashed archeotech recovery team done in a little over a fortnight.

Nevi: In terms of games, I finally had a few. In preparation for this tournament, I fielded the T’au against my good friend Rowan (check him out on Instagram @SigmaTwo). The T’au first bested 500 points of Genestealers, with the Stealth Suits mincing some bikers in combat before the Patriarch finally hit the board and cleaved my XV8 Commander in two. However, that wasn’t enough and the T’au emerged victorious. For our second game, I was battling the Imperial Knights and this one was a lot harder. While I knew I could play the objectives and score points, I also worried about my ability to put holes in his massive war machines. At points, it was close but Rowan couldn’t catch me in points and the drones managed to tie up his big shooty boys in combat so that I could continue to increase my score. A second win for the T’au.

George: As I play competitive X wing fairly regularly, I turned to warhammer for a more fluffy experience and my own head-cannon narratrives have driven my two army projects. Though while I never want to play warhammer in a competitive setting, I would like to play it, and to play it I need to build a list. While I knew roughly that to build a list you need to meet certain detachment requirments, I was primarily concerned with was looked cool. I’ve had to change tack slightly and start figuring out what I need to build a playable list and so adjust my painting queue accordingly. Painting endless characters will have to wait as the need to get through whole units arises – hence the attempts to speed paint and avoid getting bored with the model.

Nevi: My plans for June are to paint even more drones, a couple more Crisis Suits and at least build Brightsword even if I don’t get around to painting him. Hopefully, I can get in some more practice with the T’au and continue my winning streak.

George: So the plans going forward are to get the bulk of my Admech squared away so I have a combat patrol ready to go then I’ll return to my the Sisters of Battle and get them up to combat patrol strength once I know the units to prioritise when I get my hands on the codex.

Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

  • Warg Riders
  • Middle Earth SBG - Battle Companies

Nevi: I organised a Battle Companies campaign at the end of May and needed to grow a couple of my lists to allow for full starting companies and a few promotions/new recruits. This was a good excuse to finish my Warg Riders and pick up a couple of Rangers (half of which I shared with a friend). I blitzed through both, enjoying painting the Wargs and Rangers but finding the Riders a bit frustrating. When the game day arrived, I decided to run an Osgiliath company and my friends chose Rohan and Harad. We managed to play the three-player game that came out in May’s White Dwarf and had a blast. And while my Gondor boys survived untouched, I doubt this will happen in future games.

Nevi: In June I’m planning to finally start The Witch King on Fellbeast and start working on either Isengard or Moria, both of which I recently had donated by a friend. We’ve also booked a second game day to continue our Battle Companies campaign and I’m going to try and put together some custom three-player scenarios.

Age of Sigmar

  • Grey Knight Kitbash 1
  • Grey Knight Kitbash 2

Nevi: I haven’t done anything Age of Sigmar related in ages. And while this bit belongs more in the Warhammer 40,000 sections it used Sigmar bits so I’m putting it here. I’ve been planning a Grey Knight army since January and May saw me build some Terminators/Paladins and use some Nighthaunt bits to make it look like daemons possess their weapons and armour. I think they look really cool and I can’t wait to paint them and see them run riot on the battlefield. I’ve picked my colour scheme and fully based them, I just need to get through some other projects first and then I can start on the Sons of Titan.


  • Marvel Crisis Protocol 1
  • Marvel Crisis Protocol 2
  • Marvel Crisis Protocol 3

Nevi: The only other for May is that I finally had a game of Marvel Crisis Protocol. It was a lot of fun. The characters are evocative of their comic book counterparts and the gameplay is fast and fluid. In the game we played, Spider-Man swung on top of a building to reclaim a piece of the cosmic cube before Ultron rocked up and destroyed him. While he was being beaten down, Iron Man flew around the corner and unleashed a barrage of rockets that Ultron shrugged off before Doc Ock picked up and threw a distracted Captain America through a taxi. I can’t wait to try it again and I’m now extremely tempted by some of the character expansion packs.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to showing more painting in the future. If you want more painting/hobby stuff leave us a comment below. If you want more Warhammer 40,000 content, then check out George’s review of Reqiuem Infernal.

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