The One Board Game That I Always Have to Hand

Small Box Stonks

In a quick experiment with TikTok, I’ve made a quick video on one of my favourite small box games. Startups became my go too, short game shortly before the pandemic and it’s enjoyed a permanent home in my bag ever since.

Oink Games are famous for their tiny boxed games and this is easily my favourite of the bunch. It manages to be low effort while providing just enough to think about (should you wish too) that there are moments of strategic satisfaction to be had.

If you enjoyed this sort of quick fire game reccomendation let us know in the comments and we’ll give it another go.

Thanks for reading. For more lightweight board game reccomendations, check out Nevi’s review of another moreish set collecting game, Sushi Go! Party. Alternatively if you like the idea of coaching a gorilla and a flamingo though a figure skating routine then check out our review of the brilliant Champions of the Wild

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London based game lover. Whether it's moving units across the battlefield or pieces across a board, I love a good strategy game. If only I was any good at them.

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